Absoe Site



This site, being centrally located at the corner of Boundary St and Mollison St, is of critical importance to the character and feel of West End. In fact, its location is at the civic heart of the area. WECA is actively campaigning to ensure an excellent outcome for the community at this much loved and used site in our area.

The developer PAYCE submitted their Development Application on the 30th of April 2015.

Council considered the Development Application and in response has asked the developer to provide changes to the Development Application by the end 2015 including providing an adequate Master Plan for the entire site.

Note that in August 2015, there was a submission to Council of a Development Application to progress Stage 1 of the development under retrospective legislation to consider this Stage under the previous Plan. WECA understands that this means if Council allows it, this Stage will be 'code assessable' - and there is then no requirement for community consultation. WECA is actively working with planning specialists to understand the implications of this situation and will update members imminently.

WECA will be providing fact sheets as well as Development Application submission pro-forma letters for the community, based on our analysis of the Developer's response to Council's request (expected end of December 2015).

We welcome your views on the development and its impact on the area.