Meet the Candidates Forum

Thank you everyone who came along to the 2016 Meet the Candidates Forum, presented by the Westender and WECA. Particular thanks to all four Gabba Ward candidates for your time in presenting your position, and answering questions from the audience. If you couldn't make it, here is a video of the evening.

Submissions on Absoe Site Development Application

The former Absoe site is one of the most critical developments for West End and for Brisbane.
The current development application for the site fails to deliver on many fronts: public space, design and calling for greatly increased residential density and supermarket/retail space.
Thanks for taking the time to lodge your concerns on this crucial site in our neigbourhood.
The closing date for the submissions is Thursday 18th February 2016.
We have analysed the Absoe development application, and have created template letters. Here are two versions you can use:
We have a Word version letter here so that you can edit to add your own comments as you wish.  It is in a format to be submitted.
We have also provided a PDF version - it is on Council’s Development Application form
Please note
In order to be considered a properly made submission, the submission must:
  • be in writing and, unless the submission is made electronically, be signed by each person who made the submission
  • be received during the notification period (18 Feb 2016)
  • state the name and residential or business address of each person who made the submission
  • state the grounds of the submission and the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the grounds, and
  • be made to the assessment manager.

Planning for People Rally

Thanks to all who came out last Sunday for the Brisbane Residents United Rally that we have been heavily involved in leading.  Hundreds came to the streets and walked united We had residents and resident action groups from over 40 areas across Brisbane as well as Redlands, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.  We also had environment and transport advocacy groups with us.  The Greens and Labor were also at the event to walk with and listen to the community.
This event has led to even closer relations with surrounding areas - the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast group leaders also lead networks of 15-20 groups under their umbrella.  There is a very strong recognition that change will happen by being united.  This represents a huge network based on aligned values and trust - and a shared aim to collaborate for better planning and development outcomes. This was one of the most important outcomes of the Rally.  We are in discussion about the Candidate Forum for February and also key issues for the upcoming council election as well as response to the state government planning bill. Please see the Brisbane residents United website and facebook and twitter @bneresidents to follow us.

Related development in Sydney

In March Dr Erin Evans went to visit a PAYCE/Sekisui House development in Sydney with Cr Helen Abrahams and Terri Butler MP to see first hand what a mega-development of the scale proposed for the Absoe site looks and feels like.

Here is a photo gallery of that visit.

Follow up to WECA Briefing

Hello Neighbours and Friends,

Thanks to all who came to our WECA Briefing event on a chilly Wednesday evening (3 June). It was great to hear your questions and considerable concerns about the former Distance Ed and Absoe sites. One of the issues we discussed was that submissions to object to the Development Applications (DAs) are important and necessary - AND we are also doing other things.

Some actions that were discussed to raise awareness of development issues and gain better outcomes:

  • door knocking to let people know key concerns about the development. Can you do some door knocking? Can you put some coordination in place to help us?
  • a kiosk on Boundary St - can you spare some time to man this with us?
  • creative direct actions - we are always interested in ideas about actions that get attention and make impact.
  • got a couple of lines you would like to say and share with the public? Tweets or for signs (including the church).

We are currently preparing a key issues/Frequently Asked Questions sheet so that you can send or speak to others. Here is one for the Distance Ed site. We will send through the Absoe site one in a couple of days. This weekend we are working on our website and will have materials up on there for easier access.

Thanks to you all and our best wishes to you

Have a great long weekend!