It is that time again - the WECA AGM. A great time to reflect on the year that has been and to discuss plans and ideas for 2016. Our AGM meetings are short, sharp and we also have time for some lively discussion.

WHEN: Saturday 5 December

PLACE and TIME to be confirmed - we are awaiting response on the venue. We plan to have the meeting at Souths so that you can do some shopping and drop in for the AGM.

Members of WECA are eligible to vote at the AGM and also to nominate for positions on the Management Committee.
This year we are very sorry that some of our long serving amazing MC members need to retire due to personal and professional reasons. Darren Godwell, David Bratchford and Jacqui Walters will be standing down. Vashti Bland also stood down earlier in the year. They have been amazing members of the WECA team who have given so generously to the community - they will be incredibly missed. It is hard to thank them enough for their contribution and for generally being fantastic to work with. One of the things that is so amazing about WECA is the fantastic vibrancy of the team to achieve amazing things for the community. It happens from the "make it happen" attitude and creativity of the team.

We have a number of nominations however we are also interested to hear from you - Do you have some specific skills and interests in one or more of these? These are some skills we are (especially) keen to have in the team:

- do you have financial and admin experience ? Are you happy to provide a couple of hours a month towards some admin and finance tasks? Our Treasurer has good systems in place and will provide handover.
- planning and urban design experience or knowledge and a deep sense of care and vision for the peninsula? There are some big DAs and it is very beneficial to have in house expertise in this area.
- events planning and passion to create vibrant events that build the sense of community? The West End Festival, Kurilpa Derby, West End Festival as well as some smaller events and community building is core to WECA celebrating Kurilpa.

Please email or call Erin on 0448848016 - we would love to hear from you!

Welcome to West End’s Fav Day

Kurilpa Derby
Kurilpa Derby

The permits have been issued, the wheels oiled, the performers tuned, the squid watered. We're ready! Are you?!

Sunday 1st September. The procession will assemble under the Dornoch Tce bridge from 1pm. The parade will roll at 1:30pm. The festivities will take place 2-5pm. Boundary St will be closed to cars 1:30-5:30pm. Shops will be open as usual so please come down enjoy the thrills, support our local businesses and celebrate being a part of 4101's community.

Bike Polo
Bike Polo


Draft changes to Brisbane City Plan

UPDATE - WECA has collated materials from across recent months in the lead-up to the deadline for submissions on the draft CityPlan proposals from City Council. Thanks to all the members, professionals and experienced community hands that contributed. You can read WECA's submission here.

SUBMISSIONS DUE TUESDAY 30TH JULY 2013...please take some time to register your views on the proposed changes to the draft City Plan. you can follow the online submission form here. Urban Planning Prof Phil Heywood published a fine article that summarises the key changes, read his article here.