Distance Education Site

The proposed development at Riverside South "Gardens" (the former Distance Ed site) grossly fails to meet the Local Area Plan.

This development application highlights issues with city planning.

  1. The Newman government sold the former Distance Education site – a state asset of 1.7 ha of prime land – to Pradella for just $13 million.
  2. In the 2012 South Brisbane Riverside Neighbourhood Plan, the LNP and BCC increased the height limits for sites like this from 8 to 12 storeys, without consultation and against the wishes of the community.
  3. The DA lodged in 2014 does not comply with even those relaxed codes in at least 7 major areas (green public space, carparking, setbacks, distance between buildings, balconies etc.).
  4. Pradella lodged the DA on December 24 2014, without public notice, making it difficult to for the public to have input.

There were over 400 submissions to the Brisbane City Council, objecting to this development. This is comparable to the number made on the draft Kurilpa Master Plan, which shows the level of public concern about this development.

Council subsequently approved the Development Application with no response to the concerns raised by the Community.

Key Information


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