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Become a member of WECA

WECA is an entirely volunteer-run association of residents and friends of Kurilpa. Our membership includes a diverse network of individuals, groups, businesses and organisations who celebrate and promote our values through active participation in our community. Our members have a rich combined repertoire of skills, experiences, and expertise that we contribute to creating and organising events and to brainstorming solutions to problems in our community.

A Management Committee meets regularly to discuss and decide on governance and administrative matters, current and ongoing campaigns, and community issues and events. All members are invited to attend WECA's Annual General Meeting.

As an incorporated association, WECA is able to help with facilitating local events, projects, or ventures that benefit the Kurilpa community. We are always open to new ways for our members to get active and collaborate in helping to make Kurilpa an even more vibrant, inclusive, and loving place.

By joining, you will also be kept up-to-date with ongoing WECA intitiatives, campaigns, events, and projects.

Membership is for one year. Be sure to renew each year to stay involved.

How To Join

Complete the online membership form, which includes online payment options (Paypal)
Complete a manual membership form and deposit your membership fee to the bank details below.
Bank Australia
BSB: 313 140          Acct Number: 2315 1927  Account Name : WECA
(NOTE: please enter your surname in the transaction advisory line so we can track your renewal)