About WECA

The West End Community Association (WECA) is a not-for-profit, incorporated association of residents and friends of Kurilpa (West End, Hill End, Highgate Hill and South Brisbane). Formed in 2004, WECA celebrates and promotes our values, events and the people that make Kurilpa a vibrant and diverse community. The Association is open to and welcomes residents (owners and renters alike) community organisations and businesspeople to join with us in our initiatives.


  • Community
  • Diversity
  • Participation
  • Social Justice
  • Sustainability

WECA’s vision for Kurilpa is a community characterised by:

  • Cultural, social and economic diversity
  • Tolerance and social justice
  • Respect for our heritage and natural environment
  • Sustainable streets and businesses
  • Prosperity and innovation.

Click here for WECA’s vision statement.

Our built environment, infrastructure and social services should advance, support and nurture our community and its values.