General Update

General Update

There has been lots of actions with the Little Streets Action Group on traffic and transport action. We will update our website shortly. Also come to our AGM to hear more, contact us if you are in the East of Montague Rd area to be part of this group.

Liquor and Gaming
There has also been a lot of action on licensed venues to address license applications –
The Montague Hotel licence for liquor and gaming

Gaming Regulation to grant a Commercial Hotel Licence and Gaming Machine Licence (for 10 machines) for a new hotel to be housed in a refit of the existing commercial building at 363 Montague Road, West End (on the corner of Kurilpa St). Proposed licensed hours will be from 10am to 12midnight – Sunday & Saturday, with an addition half hour allowable for gaming machine operations after midnight in line with State Government policy.
We are strongly opposed to a gaming licence on the peninsula and have contacted Jackie’s Trads Office to call on a response to this. We are awaiting a reply.
The Pig N Whistle hotel in the former Era bar has made an application for extended trading hours from 9 am- 3 am. We do not support the extended trading hours and have met with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) to voice our concerns.
Follow up to the Boundary Hotel Sunday night issues: meeting with West End Police, OLGR and members of the Liquor Accord to come to agreements to implement improvements over the coming weeks. We have had discussions with the Boundary and they are making changes to the Sunday sessions. This is a very welcome change.

We will be hosting at Community Forum with The Westender on 8 December on nightlife in West End.

We have been looking at the new DA on the Distance Education site by Pradella – a very poor outcome for the community. Where is the park? This really highlights how important it is that all of the 7 parks in West End that we campaigned for be zoned for – if it is zoned for then it is locked in as a space to be provided. The lack of zoning means the greenspace in the area is being “lost” – not provided or handed over to the developers to provide public space that is privately owned and managed. In Pradella’s case this is largely accounted for by a hard surface lane, and footpaths. it is absolutely appalling that this can pass off as public space.
More to come on this one. Today’s updates are already very long.