Community Consultation – Green Space Strategy and new Thomas Street Park

Community Consultation – Green Space Strategy and new Thomas Street Park

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During the West End festival we hosted community consultation by WECA volunteers and design professionals.  We were at the kiosk on People’s Park all week and did 30 hours of consultation.  We spoke with over 330 people and gathered 1000s of ideas on
– West End hopes and fears and what you want for your area
– The Greenspace Strategy
– The Thomas St Park

We collected an amazing array of ideas – please see our poster on the Thomas St Park ideas.  We are working with local landscape architects to get a design for this park as it is the first and only park in 20 years to be given to the community.  It is central in West End and a publicly owned public space.  We want to make sure that the ideas and planning incorporates the richness of community ideas as well as the professional expertise of our local architects.  This is a huge opportunity for the community.

Green Space Strategy – we launched during the West End Festival. It is a peninsula wide study by local landscape architects who have developed a plan that re purposes 11 hectares of green space.  We are calling on support of this strategy in this petition: Maximise Green Space in West End.  Please sign this.  We also have a couple of hundred signatures that we gathered during the festival.

Have you heard about the Kiosk/toilet block plans on Boundary St?  See the attached plans to this document.  We are not in support of $200K+ being flushed away for a street facing toilet block in the middle of our main street – the design looks like it belongs in a prison.  This design also removes the street front Kiosk that is used traditionally by aboriginal groups and other groups with minimal resources to provide them with a place on the street.  It was designed with the local community in 1992 and is the only of its kind in Brisbane and greatly adds to the character of the place.

Please support the petition to Save the Boundary St Kiosk on BBC e petition site.  (again we took many signatures during the festival and also keen to have more signatures).

The petitions close on 23 November 2015